Lady of the Snow.

Geeveston Fanny.

Devonshire Quarrenden.

Lady Williams.

White Pearmain.


Cox Orange Pippin.

Brambley Seedling.


Golden Delicious.

Campbelltown Pippin

& two other unidentified apple trees we rescued from someone’s over zealous use of secateurs before they went to the tip.

I may have gone a little over  board with planting apple trees!

But I work with the theory, some for us, some for the birds when they are on the tree, some windfalls for the hens & some for the guinea pigs when they are off the tree. Then everyone is happy.

Springtime is such a gorgeous time isn’t it?!

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery.

Anne Shirley arrived at Green Gables when everything was in bloom, she picks apple blossom to put in a vase on the kitchen table, Marilla thinks it is best left on the tree!

Even though Lil knows the book word by word and does’t read some editions of the book because they have changed the text, thankfully all is good with the audio Lil and I are listening to. It is read by Rachel McAdams and gosh she does it credit.

So lovely to be listening to a book at the same time as the season it is set in.  I know I will look back on this Spring with such fond memories.

If I only had room for one apple tree it would be Geeveston Fanny every single time. To lean over the big Hen House yard fence in early Autumn (March-April), pick a Geeveston Fanny apple and eat it as I walk around the garden is one of life’s truest pleasures for me.

If I could only grow an apple tree to harvest cooking apples from it would be White Pearmain. Not too bad eaten straight from the tree either.

Devonshire Quarrenden Apple Blossom in the Kitchen Garden.

Sending Love & Light,

Jude x


Apple blossom time.

October 24, 2019



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