What is on your Lovely Things to Do List?

Books to read? Craft projects to start or finish? Things to bake & cook? Music to listen to? Something you want to research?

With the seasonal change Springtime is here and humming along, the garden changing so much everyday, trees are blossoming for such short windows of time, drawing me outside each day for longer and longer, Honeybee the duckling enjoys our walks and the long waits sitting at my feet grazing while I just stand amongst those flowery branches. We have a little routine her and I,  an adventure each time.

To be honest I was feeling like I was missing out on so much by not going outside because of so much going on inside!

Everyone’s days are so full aren’t they?!

Time for me to take  a step back, think about how I want to move through these days mindfully and not get swept away and feel overwhelmed.

Go back to making time for things that I love to do on my Lovely Things To Do List, start slotting them into the everyday.

Everything always gets done and funny enough with less time worrying about how to get everything done there is more time on just focusing on just being! Less internal chatter!

Creating small pockets of time, moments here and there, picking up my crochet, the yarn gliding off the hook, it calms & soothes, a little progress on a project, a reassuring sense of moving forward.

I so love my 4 0’clock audio read on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, starring out the window listening to a talking book, something so peaceful about being read to, or choosing a gardening book off the book shelf or a favourite magazine to read. It might be for an hour, it might be for just ten minutes, depending on what we are already doing.

There has been some Spring cleaning in the garden these past weekends, finishing some to-do jobs that have been on the list for so long! It feels good to get them done.

But I maybe secretly hoping that it is raining at 4 o’clock each day this weekend….


With mindfully moving through the days I need to return to these gentle anchors and what is on my Lovely Things To Do List that help ground me.

A gentle morning routine that still allows me to get everything done but just in a different order and not at a go go go pace then crash.

Listening to an audio book with Lil at morning tea time.

Bake and cook new dishes mid week instead of just leaving them on the list because we do have to eat anyway

Picking flowers. And small bunches of herbs, drying some for teas and cooking.

Listening to the bird song.

Watching the ducks in our Quince Orchard out our kitchen window.

Looking for the beauty in our days.

Sending Love & Light,

Jude x

Lovely Things To Do Lists.

October 18, 2019

  1. Jennifer Tilt says:

    Thank you Jude for reminding me of the very necessary rite of having and putting in practice every day a ‘lovely thing to do’. So very important for our soul and our growth. I’ve always found it hard to justify the time for myself, but as I get wiser – older – it’s the only thing that makes sense each day. Love your wisdom, insights and beautiful photography. You inspire me to try to do better.



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