At the moment due to Lil’s injury we don’t travel far from home especially during the hotter weather.

So what do we do to break up the weeks, celebrate milestones, just wanting time away from the everyday?

Home Holidays.

For a start I decided a long time ago to live somewhere that I would want to visit, live in my own holiday home. Lucky for me that isn’t a 5 star, chauffeur driven, butler employed type lifestyle. A simple cosy cottage in the countryside does me fine.

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So what does our Home Vacation look like?

Michael, Lil and I talk about what days we will take off and what needs to be done before hand, and we all pitch in to help:

We do a big grocery shop, making sure we have a good supply of herbal teas, organic coffee & Lil’s homemade cordial’s we drink with mineral water.

We all pick favourite dishes to eat.

I make up a big batch of meals for breakfasts, lunch, dinner & snacks. Of course there is cake.  (Lil is a great home baker).

We clean the house. Put clean sheets on the beds. Fresh pillow cases on the couch pillows. Bring fresh flowers inside.

Get the washing/laundry on track.

Make sure the hen houses, duck house & guinea pig hutches are clean & top up their bedding areas with  fresh hay. Make sure their individual food bins are topped up (so we don’t have to rush to the feed store),  their drink bowls sparkly clean and any jobs associated with their care and well being are up to date.

Mow the lawn & do any pending outside jobs that can’t wait.

If it is winter time and the wood heater is going we re-stack the woodpile in advance.

Look for family movies, books & craft materials if wanting to start a new project.

And that is it. Looks like a lot but when you break it down over a week or two  slotting jobs and cooking in here and there it doesn’t take long.

~ Home Holidays ~

Then we have a Home Vacation. Sometimes it is only for the weekend.

We read books, watch family movies, do things that we love doing at home.

Things like picking flowers & arranging them.

Laying on the grass and watch the clouds.

Eating outside.

Taking longer at breakfast time.

Making sure the table is set nicely.

Sleeping in.

Staying up late binge watching a series.

Starting a new craft project.

Just sitting and talking.

Michael and Lil might plan a wood work project.

Simple things that don’t cost a lot of money and there is lots of time, unscheduled time with no commitments.

Of course we still need to feed the animals but often we end up spending time outside with them so that job just slots into the day.

When you are self employed/a company of one there is no such thing as holiday pay or time off in lieu. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Simple as that.  It’s easy to loose track of actually taking days off. Our Home Vacations are one way that we keep on track budget wise plus practice self care.

I don’t want to run up a huge $ bill just on a vacation or travel somewhere that would cause Lil’s injury to flare up. It’s just not worth it. Plus for me once the vacation is over so is the money. Oh I love that gentle, peaceful feeling of not being in credit card debt or spending money on something only because others are doing it.

Life can be rich without spending lots of money, enjoying something so much more precious. Time. I never understood it in my early 20’s and I am grateful that Michael and I have the same values now. Living frugally & abundantly.

Sending Love & Light,

Jude x

Home Holidays.

November 5, 2019



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