Honeybee the duckling taking a well earned rest after ‘helping’ us in one of our raised garden beds.

I believe in Climate Change. There is too much scientific evidence and too much physical evidence world wide to not doubt it.

Climate Change can sometimes feel like the new big sensationalised thing and with that comes the so called self appointed experts on either side of the fence with no real foundations for their arguments  to sit comfortably on.

Arguments fueled with emotion, finger pointing and not focused on the facts.

No one making unfounded statements based on biased assumptions is believable.

With so many people talking it can to me feel like the waters get muddy and the real credible information gets lost.

No tricky filters, the pink light is from a local bushfire. An unfortunate occurrence becoming more regular.

Like so much information thrown at us today I resort back to good old critical thinking.

Reason and Evidence.

Does the information come from a credible, non bias resource?

Who has what to gain from what statements?

Don’t just believe what I am told even if it is from media sources or journalists that I favour.

What businesses fund political interests and what outcome would best suit them for the biggest profit. What profit and who actually profits?

“Kids just want a day off school.” I find it insulting reading such headlines associated with yesterday’s Climate  Strike.

Living with a teenager I am very aware of her and her peers concerns for the environment and their awareness of Climate Change.

They are smart, educated,  intelligent young adults and I feel safe in the fact that they are our future. At their  age with the school work load and expectations placed on them it would be easier not to take the day off school, instead they make up the time they have missed while attending the strike.

So I question the media outlets motives, I look at who owns the media outlets and who they are affiliated with politically.

One of our Food Hedges planted in the Quince Orchard.

Regardless of who you vote for and what your beliefs are I encourage you to ask questions, respect each others opinions, research, stay curious.

Knowledge is power.

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x

Climate Change.

September 21, 2019



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