Lil is 16 now and I have collated a short list of books, podcasts and ted talks that we have found very informative during her teenage years so far.

Throughout Lil’s  baby stage, childhood and teenage years I have been reading different books about child development, listened to podcasts, reading blogs and watched ted talks about various topics all relating at the time to Lil’s age and stage of development. I would still have done it even if we didn’t home school.

Like all information regarding parenting and home schooling  I take what works for us and leave the rest.

I am not going to lie, I was dreading Lil’s teenage years based on the fact that my teenage years were a disaster, writing to the Army, Navy & Airforce at 13yrs old asking for early entry so I could leave where I grew up might give you a good indication that home life  was a very difficult environment to say the least.

So… I have really thrown myself into researching and making sure I forged a path for Lil’s teenage years not to look the same as mine.

I like Brene Brown’s quote:  Be the person you want your child to be.

For Michael and I it has been about adding tools to our parenting tool box that benefit Lil and help her navigate living with chronic pain caused by Doctor’s negligence on top of living the everyday teenage years.

Aside from being the parents of a child who suffers chronic pain and everything that comes with that (struggles, heart ache, ever hopeful focus on Lil’s wellness)  it is a joy to be living with a teenager.

To each and every person, regardless of if it is a book, podcast, blog post, online course we have taken together,  ted talk or on a more personal level talking with a friend or with Lil’s health mentor and naturopath, I am forever grateful to have their input in our lives. It certainly does take a village to raise a child and aren’t we all so lucky that is the case.

~ In no particular order ~

Big Magic, Elizabeth  Gilbert.

Whose Minding the Farm, Patrice Newell.

First we Make the Beast Beautiful. Sarah Wilson.

You, Your Child and School, Sir Ken Robinson, Phd.

The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting, Brene Brown. Phd.

Daring Greatly, How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead. Brene Brown. Phd.

Dare to Lead. Brene Brown.

Playing Big. Tara Mohr.

Hashtag Authentic Podcast. Sara Tasker.

Letters to a Hopeful Creative Podcast. Sarah Tasker & Jen Carrington.

Lucy Sheridan. Comparison Coach. Instagram, IGTV &

TED Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity. Sir Ken Robinson.

TED Talk. Bring on the Learning Revolution. Sir Ken Robinson.

The Call to Courage. Brene Brown. Netflix Special. Asia Suler.

Apricot Lane Farms. Stories from the Farm, Short films. (The Guardians especially).

Gratitude. Louis Schwartzberg. Short Film.

I read these books on Amazon Audible (audio books) or listen to  podcasts etc while Lil is  usually doing another activity  but usually within hearing distance.  Great discussions always come from the snippets Lil does hear and it makes it easier with implementing suggestions, lifestyle changes or adopting language that can help her move through her days.  First We Make the Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson,  can be more directed at 18 plus with adult content,  NOT a complaint but just maybe something to keep in mind if listening to it on audible with children around. However there is so much content in First We Make the Beast Beautiful that can help teenagers and adults alike.

The films and TED talks we watch together.


I’m looking forward to the rest of Lil’s teenage years and hope they don’t rush past as quickly as childhood.

Sending Light & Love,


PS. No paid endorsements.

Home Schooling #4 Teenage Years

September 24, 2019