Yes! If I am really honest…

One of the main reasons we planted a small  Quince Orchard is because quince blossom is sooooo beautiful!

And at this time of year on warm Spring days the Quince Orchard smells like…well… the sweetest fragrant quince fruit!

Fuller’s Quince tree in our Back Orchard.

Champion Quince Blossom.

Last year we left less than twenty quince fruit to mature on the Champion Quince trees, we removed all the blossom to stop fruit from forming. The trees looked like they just needed a rest and focus on putting more growing energy into the tree’s roots and branches and not into growing quince fruit.  When you stop and think about it, blossoming in September the quince fruit develops and is harvested March/April, that is a short time to develop from blossom to such a big fruit.

This year the Champion Quince trees look thankful for the rest, they are more robust, sturdy and there is so much more blossom. By giving young trees a rest from carrying so much fruit they become healthier and more resilient during their life time. That means more resilient to pests, diseases, plus the erratic weather patterns due to climate change.

Growing fruit trees is a marathon not a race. The marathon is run over the years yet the prize of growing a fruit tree is always there.

Because a fruit tree is more than just a fruit tree blog post here:

Fuller’s Quince Blossom.

If you are curious about the humble Quince you are very welcome to download my free ebook Quinces, click on My Ebooks tab above.

Plus there is an introduction page about what quince varieties we grow called  Quinces, click on the Quinces tab above it is next to the Contact  tab.

Happy Gardening,

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x

I was inspired to write this post after talking with gorgeous garden designer & artist Hannah from Instagram account @greengardensoul. We talked about quince blossom, how it is one of her Mum’s favourites, apricot blossom & the joys of Spring. Thanks Hannah!



Quince Blossom.

September 20, 2019



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