Lil’s book shelf.

When I was a little girl the local library was a lovely place to be but also a bit scary!

The librarian was very crabby, there was absolutely no talking, she had very strict rules and I wouldn’t be surprised even if most of the men in the district were as scared of her as us kids were! She wasn’t very encouraging and the library didn’t feel like a very welcoming place when she was there!

But the books always drew me back time and time again. Knowing how important books were to me  during my childhood years I knew I wanted our Lil to have a similar experience.

When Lil was really little I read Mem Fox’s book Reading Magic and I really recommend it for both Mum’s & Dad’s to read, it is a short book.

A big take away from that book has been a learning strategy central to our home schooling method of teaching and learning.

The best way to describe this impactful learning strategy is how I described it to another Mum not long ago:

You know when a child is learning to read and they pause on a word, don’t let them pause too long, just tell them the word and let them continue. Apparently the brain registers this quickly and stores the information quicker then letting a child struggle because in that pause self doubt sets in, lack of self confidence and the worry that they aren’t good enough or letting down the teacher/parent because we are all hard wired to want to fit in and be liked, it is in our DNA.

Michael and I both use this learning strategy when helping Lil with any facet of her schooling, Maths, English, Botany, Carpentry you name it.

Nine times out of ten Lil remembers what she once paused on or found difficult, if she doesn’t it is no big drama therefor it doesn’t become a big drama and get in the way of learning and processing information.

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x



Home Schooling #3 Books

September 12, 2019