Quince Hummingbird Cake with Tahini Caramel made by Lil.

Taste tested of course before recommending it.

When you have a Quince Orchard and a cake has quince in it, of course it is the first recipe to make.

Totally didn’t know that I can no longer live without Tahini Caramel in my life, honestly had my doubts at first.

We’ve tried a lot of Cherie Hausler’s recipes when they were on her website and now her book is out I bought it on Kindle because I didn’t want to wait!

My book recommendation for May is:
A Plant-Based Farmhouse by @cherie_hausler from @allthethings_au

For everyone who has a daughter with an egg allergy and a sister and other family members who prefer plant based eating (big sister did you get the massive hint????) and for everyone who loves food, get the book, you’ll love it.

I wish this book was around forty years ago when I wanted to start eating plant based, my mother bought home a bag of chickpeas when she realised after several months that I was serious. I put the chickpeas in a jar, thought they must be like nuts and would try to chew on them raw!!!!

Until next time,

Jude x

Quince Hummingbird Cake.

June 4, 2024



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