I’m in the middle of doing a quote for a client. They are wanting to replace large single glazed windows with double glazed French doors. I’m really happy to make one set of doors at a time. It’s a good way to budget. Get one set made, save up, get another set done. Another client is replacing their single glazed windows with double glazed windows and I’m doing that in stages too.

Replacing windows room by room and not all at once means you don’t have all the upheaval either. Each set of windows can be replaced with minimal disruption to the day to day goings on in the home. Less cleaning too.
This is how we have double glazed our own cottage. Saved up, done one room at a time or one external door at a time. (We replaced solid wood doors with Tas Oak timber doors with double glazing especially to let the Autumn/Winter sunshine in.)

If you aren’t sure if double glazing is worth it, we have found it invaluable, it has cut our heating costs, the house stays warmer when the wood heater isn’t on, the home is also quieter (blocking a lot of outside noise). At the end of last Winter we finally replaced the last single glazed windows in the lounge room with double glazed windows, so far we have only used the wood heater and haven’t needed the electric heater on, usually it would be on for most of the day – April & May of not using an electric heater.

Double glazing is cost effective, an investment and adds capital to your home.

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Bespoke Carpentry: Double Glazing.

June 4, 2024



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