I was asked over the Easter weekend if I had any tips for setting up a pottery studio.

Light, storage and a table to work at (eg. to sit at to do paper work, sketch ideas, create at) are three common things that contribute to making any studio wonderful.


The Light.

If light is limiting could you switch out a solid door for a double glazed door and even put a double glazed panel above the door as well (see photo above far left).

Could you change out windows for a set of double glazed French doors.

Change small window panels for one large double glazed panel.

Outside could you add an awning using clear laser light (see photo above far left).

Adding any positive upgrades to your home (eg. French doors, double glazing, additional windows) adds capital to your home which is a long term investment. Double glazing cuts your heating bills, allows for a more comfortable work space and the double glazing is also noise reducing.


Depending on what you will be storing on your shelves (eg. pottery waiting for the kiln) I can make shelving to your design. The shelving can have gaps for air circulation. Shelving can be made out of a variety of timbers. eg. pine, Tasmanian oak, blackwood, myrtle.

A table for doing your paperwork, sketching, painting, slab work, design work, creating.

I’m happy to make a table or an island bench to your design. There are different timber options as well. eg. Tasmanian Oak, Red Ironbark.

I can also replace an existing table top (like the two photos above).

A small island bench (photo above) is a great alternative with wheels and you could shift the small island bench when needed. eg. in the Wintertime you could shift the island closer to the windows for better light and warming winter sunshine, making it a lovely spot to sit and work.

A small island bench could include storage and a place for you to add a chair. If you work with someone, the island could be configured for sitting and storage areas on both sides. I’m really happy to work with your designs.

Wall panelling.

Wall panelling is a practical way to clad your walls instead of plasterboard, no plaster dust, no waiting inbetween each stage of plastering for plaster to dry. You can also fit a layer of insulation between your exterior wall and the wall panelling. Insulation makes a huge difference to a work space, saves on heating and cooling bills too.

You can paint or varnish wall panelling and unlike wallpaper you can paint it a different colour for a backdrop that compliments an art series or exhibition you are putting together.

The bonus is you can hammer a nail straight into the wall panelling for picture frames and other small items that aren’t heavy.

Studios that double as a spare guest room.

Adds capital to your home and is practical.

Things to consider are:

A daybed (for guests to sleep on) that you can also use when reading, researching, gathering inspiration, for daydreaming while looking out the window and of course the odd afternoon nap.

A cupboard for bedding, a place for guests to hang their clothes.

Other things I haven’t mentioned that I can do are installing wooden floorboards, skirting, architraving, mirror frames, picture frames and wooden boxes for storage and supplies.

Everything that I have suggested is in my skill set, bespoke carpentry work I am commissioned to do regularly and I’m happy to provide a free quote, make and install or if you would like to keep costs down, which I totally appreciate, you can collect and install yourself.

Please send through any questions and I’ll get back to you during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Here is the link to send me a message.

You can always send me a direct message at my Instagram Account @allhomerenovationsandmaintenance where I now have the blue tick verification for a business account, it is where I  share a lot of my work as well.

Until next time,

Michael Van Heel.

Here is the link to my webpage and gallery of work.



Bespoke Carpentry: Tips For Creating a Studio.

May 9, 2024



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