I’ve made this series to highlight women who are starting out. They have created something out of nothing, following those whispers and are moving forward with bringing their dreams to life. I believe in the power of sharing our stories, supporting and lifting each other up. There is enough for everyone to be successful, in what ever way feels right for them.



Trona Freeman is based in Scotland where she lives with her husband and son. Aye Lined (www.ayelined.com) is Trona’s website, where you’ll find a mix of beauty reviews, lifestyle articles and business help to get you started and grow your business using Pinterest & SEO.

Trona’s website was born out of her love of makeup and the positive way it can impact your well-being.
Her blog and the things she writes about are one of the numerous ways in which she deals with severe chronic pain. Trona’s blog has also helped her overcome agoraphobia and cope with anxiety. Finding a way to make beauty work for Trona, who identifies as a Feminist has been tricky at times but it has become a love of her life and a little way for her to feel good about herself (even when feeling terribly ill pretty much all the time!).

Pivoting away from her MA in Art History, Trona created an online business five years ago due to chronic back pain and a range of health issues. The blogging world has changed so much in the last few years and it’s become increasingly difficult to reach your right people. If you want a sustainable business (whether that’s a blog or other creative area) you need to engage with real people.  Trona now helps small businesses grow and connect with their audiences and customers online with SEO & Pinterest. She does this by working one to one with clients and also offers a Grow with Pinterest SEO course.

Trona’s course is designed to help small businesses, creatives, bloggers, service providers and product sellers utilise Pinterest as a powerful marketing tool for increasing visibility, engagement, sales and more.

But why Pinterest?

“Pinterest is an inspiring and positive way to connect with your audience. People are actively looking for your products and services on there. You have many more chances of being found on Pinterest than on other platforms. Pins last much longer than an Instagram post. A pin can drive engagements and traffic for months and years after first being shared. Unlike an Instagram post where a few people see your post and it drops off a few hours or a couple of days later. Pinterest is designed to send people off the platform, not keep them on it. This means you have an amazing chance to drive traffic to your website to increase visibility, sales and more. Having a strong strategy for Pinterest will help you use it to grow more business.” – Trona Freeman.

T H E  Q U E S T I O N S

1. Would you share a little about yourself and and why it is so important for you to follow those creative whispers?

Hello! Thank you so much for asking me to take part in this, I’m in wonderful company. I’m Trona (Catriona is my full name) and I live in central Scotland with my Londoner husband, beautiful boy, a dog and a cat.
For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with writing, art, music and anything creative. I was brought up in a house that always had music on, and my gran’s house was the same. Music, art, creativity, just elevates life- take a boring moment like doing the dishes but soundtrack it to a piece of music you love, now you have a wonderful moment.

Following those creative whispers is intrinsic to my life, and to life in general. Creativity helps us escape from the mundane, reflect on the huge and let’s us explore humanity.

2. Favourite time of the day?
I’m a night owl, I always have been. When I was young, I loved the night for the stars and reading in my bed, then in my teens I liked it for the nightlife (most of my 20s was spent recovering from a serious car crash so I didn’t see much nightlife then!)  and now I like it for the peacefulness (and stars still). Although I do appreciate a good sunrise too.

3. Life is full of distractions, what keeps you focused?
Oh that’s a tough one! I think making sure I have time offline is very important. It really does feel like a reset. Although, some
distractions are good as they take you somewhere you didn’t expect to go, so I am open to them, but I have to make sure they don’t eat up into my time too much. The break I have with my family often helps to keep me focused.  I’m lucky that I live in a very beautiful part of the world. I’m never too far from the sea, or even the Highlands. The vastness of the landscape can usually always help me focus on what is important.

 4. What has surprised you?
The many different ways people have created a place for themselves  online, it’s kind of incredible to see. I never tire of hearing my clients’ stories. The small acts of bravery it takes to start putting their work out there, from business services to more personal
creative endeavours. I’m lucky that I am surrounded by supportive people, although that’s not to say I haven’t had bad experiences online!

5. One piece of advice you would like to pass on to someone starting out?
Know that it takes time, patience, and persistence. There will be lots of people offering quick ways to get to where you want, but building anything worthwhile often takes time. With many ups and downs, keep that in mind, especially when you see someone doing ‘better’ than you. Keep focused on your own business, your own path and don’t give into quick wins.

Follow Trona on Instagram at @trona_freeman

Trona’s website is called Trona Freeman Aye Lined Digital Marketing Co. www.services.ayelined.com where you will find free guides, her Pinterest Services here and her SEO services here.

Interview Series: Trona Freeman, SEO & Pinterest Specialist.

October 25, 2023



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