Well, I learnt how to use the new Reel functions on Instagram and have been going for it. You may have seen lots of Botanicals popping up on your screen with pretty music. they are the new prints and postcards that will be coming to the Fairy Wren Cottage Etsy shop when it reopens soon.

Some updates. 

My prints will only be available to download. This will mean you can buy each print download direct from my Etsy Shop and get it printed yourself for less than half the price of what I am able to offer by me using a print studio. I’ll highly recommend the paper I use but it is up to you to choose what paper suits your taste, style and price range.

Each print will be signed by me and there will no longer be Certificates of Authenticity sent separately.

My goal has always been to share the beauty in our everyday moments here at Fairy Wren Cottage and for as many people as possible to be able to afford and hold a little piece of Fairy Wren Cottage love in their hands.

What is the reason for no longer using a print studio?

The print studio I used prints beautiful work but when samples I ordered didn’t arrive in mint condition (because of the way they were packaged different to previous times) and the print studio dismissed my issues, I was grateful it happened to me and not a customer or many customers at once. The print studio policy is they will replace anything if it arrives damaged and not in mint condition but their reply was belittling and no replacements were offered, quite the opposite. A huge red flag!

I will not work with a company that doesn’t have respect and integrity at the core of their customer service.

I closed my Etsy Shop straight away after the shock of the printers return email. I was and still am so happy with the prints I ordered previous to the last lot of prints arriving damaged. And I have received five star reviews and positive feedback for prints up until now I have sold and gifted.

I believe it is important to follow my intuition and take action when red flags appear.
Closing the shop temporarily has allowed me to reflect, brainstorm and instead of finding another print company, bring forward some changes that feel more in line with my heart values. Less air miles, less packaging, better for the environment, more affordable for the customer, available worldwide.

I’ll keep you up to date.
Thanks for being here.
Onwards, Jude x



A shop update.

August 12, 2023

  1. Jeanette Cross says:

    Well done Jude. 👍❤️



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