In order to add more trees to the Food Hedge we gave two quince trees major haircuts. In usual Jude and Michael tree pruning fashion I pointed to one tree branch, Michael thought it was another, and those trees are now pruned way beyond what my initial plans were. We’ll wait and see what happens, let’s call it a tree pruning experiment. To be fair, it was either take those two quince trees out or prune them back to get them into better shape.

To add more diversity we have planted some new varieties in the Food Hedge.

Almond Tree.

Crabble Apple Tree.


Black Currants.

Gravenstein Apple Tree.

Damson Plum Tree.

The Food Hedge has had a good thick mulch of 10-15cm of hay. The Sloe tree, Pink Lady Apple (a rescued tree that someone was throwing to the tip), the Black Chokeberry, Damson tree, Smyrna  Quince tree, Rosa Rugosa and currants have been given a health check, some were pruned, others Michael will prune at the end of the growing season.

To see what else we have planted and to read more about growing your own Food Hedge, (imagine foraging in your own Food Hedge) please download my free ebook HERE

It is a great ebook with lots of information to help you, I won’t double up here since everything is included in the free ebook.

Until next time, sending light and love, Jude x

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Journal: Food Hedge Updates. 8.8.2023.

August 8, 2023



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