Hello, how has your week been?

It’s been a rainy Friday here and I’ve finished off the working week with looking at the latest home and garden magazines online at the Tasmanian Library, LINC Tasmania. It is such a great website, every libary on the island is linked. Where ever you live, I highly recommend making use of your local library service, so much inspiration and especially now with so much online. Libraries really are a great resource.

Lil is making cinnamon scrolls as I type, the slow cooker is on for some batch cooking, we had homemade lentil, potato and brocolli soup for lunch with homemade bread rolls. All the cosies for these winter days.

Bluebell the Spoodle is asleep. She has positioned herself between me and her hot water bottle with its navy and white knit pocker dot cover.

The pademelons are grazing in the garden. Lil has been watching a Pademelon Joey out the kitchen window as she shapes the scroll dough. Startled by a blackbird, the joey not much bigger than a guinea pig dropped the leaf it was holding between its two front paws and hopped back to its Mama. Growing up around wildlife, it is these moments that I cherish for our family – it was such a huge goal to be able to do this, for it to be part of our everyday.

Did you see the latest interview in the Interview Series this week with Katie Evelyn Textiles? I could image the sound of her weaving as I was reading it. The interview is here if you missed it.

I’ve included dried flower photos from the craft afternoon Liliana and I had together this week, playing around with the dried flowers and handmade wreathes in the Wreath Making Kits from Kate at Clifton Blooms. Kate was the first person in the Interview Series, you can read her interview along with the other great interviews here.

Until next time.

Sending light and love, Jude x

A rainy Friday afternoon.

June 23, 2023



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