If you missed the latest Fairy Wren Cottage Postcard, I explained about why I won’t be discounting and having shop sales.

I won’t be discounting for three reasons:

I haven’t added that 10%, 0r 20% onto the price to be able to substract it.

Discounting  undervalues my work.

It isn’t fair to customers who have paid full price.

I didn’t realise it was a very popular Etsy thing to add something to your shopping basket and wait and wait until the shop owner offers a 10% discount to encourage the customer to buy. Unaware to me, Etsy also encourages shop owners to offer discount codes, again I haven’t factored this into my pricing.


From the very beginning with setting up the Fairy Wren Cottage Shop I needed to get really clear on how I wanted to decide things for my shop. There are so many marketing strategies.

What is my motivation? What are the decisions I make based on?

It probably won’t come as a suprise that my decisions come from my heart. Everyone is different, I appreciate that and my decisions are made on what feels right for me, no judgement towards anyone else, their business decisions have nothing to do with me.

I’m settling in, here for the long haul, consistency, integrity, quality, a lovely shopping experience for you and I both.

If I’m ever a little quiet on social media, I’m still here, working away behind the scenes, sending out orders, creating.

You are always welcome to send a message, if you have a question or would like a custom order, I love helping people.

A message that makes me smile and confirm I’m on the right path.

Hi Jude,

Oh my goodness – it was such a delight opening the mail to see your beautiful print and postcards. They are just so lovely. I am meeting a friend today and will go searching for just the right frame.

Thank you for the obvious care and love you have put into these prints.

Love, Maria


The Apple Blossom Chart, Plum and the basket of French Pears are very popular for kitchens.

I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ve just finished a tutorial that I’m excited to share with you.  A little crafting for the soul.

Sending Light and Love, Jude x

The Fairy Wren Cottage Postcard (my free flowery monthly newsletter) can be read here.

The Fairy Wren Cottage Etsy Shop is here.

Mid year sales.

June 21, 2023



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