Late yesterday afternoon Lil and I took a colander, put Bluebell on a lead (good for her training)  and went foraging, around our garden! I’ve designed the garden this way, there are Food Hedges to forage in and plants, shrubs and trees dotted about the garden where the growing conditions suit them best.

This is Tasmania lanceolata, commonly known as Mountain Pepper or Tasmanian Pepperberry.

This year the shrub is laden with big black shiney pepperberries, the best season we have had so far.

It was lovely to wake up this morning and see the Tasmanian Pepperberries in a jug, a wonderful reminder of time yesterday.

Would you like to join me?
I’m hoping to be posting a photo each day on May. A moment captured during the day, calming, peaceful, that captures my heart.
A moment in the day, uplifting, something positive, as we move into the colder months in the Southern Hemisphere and our Northern Hemisphere friends as Springtime unfolds.

Until next time,

Jude x

9 May 2023. A moment in the day.

May 9, 2023



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