Hello, it’s Lil here, Jude’s daughter.

Are you interested in family history?

I’m a qualified genealogist and family historian who is passionate about connecting the past to the present through the lens of family history.

On my website/blog, familyfolkandhistory.com I share posts with research tips and tricks to help you on your family history journey, anything from how to purchase reliable history books to a tutorial on keeping research logs, along with articles about people, places and events from past.


Dedicated to open and transparent sharing of where I source information, I always include references at the end of each article if you would like to research the topic further.

Although based in Australia, as a professional historian I have access to a worldwide range of records  and specialise in (but not limited to):

Australian history:

~ Immigration.

~ Convict history.

~ The Australian WWI experience.

Scottish History (14th – 19th Century):

~ Immigration.

~ Jacobitism.

~ The Wars of Independence.

I became a genealogist and family historian because I feel it is so important to honour those who have come before us. Remembering our ancestors is one of the greatest gifts we can give both them and ourselves.

If you would like to check out my website/blog, you can click here.

My Instagram is @familyfolkandhistory

Hope to see you there,

Warm regards,


Diploma Family History. Univeristy of Tasmania.

Are you interested in family history?

April 17, 2023



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