Welcome back to Fairy Wren Cottage.

We had a very quiet few days over the Easter break. Closing the garden gates, we didn’t go out and worked away on some planned projects. There was painting, making kitchen cupboards, tending the garden, hens, ducks and guinea pigs in between rain showers, pottering about inside. I made some new cushion covers, we did a deep clean of the cottage. Roasted pumpkin, made potato bread and wholemeal loaves for the coming week. Lil and I played Connect 4 with our own rules, we play it really really fast and change colours every couple of games, it is a lot of fun. Michael and Lil played chess, so much quiter than playing Connect 4 and I read. We talked about flowery plans for the garden, the upcoming weeks and how we could help each other as we move through them. Lil made hot cross buns and we ate a lot of chocolate. The wood fire was continuously on, so satisfying to be organised and have the wood box and kindling box piled high and ready for this cold stretch of days. It feels like we have done lots of little jobs that were well overdue and will help us all during the colder months. Looking after our future selves.

The best meal was my specialty,  fridge pie. Have you heard of it, clean the fridge and get out any left overs and create a pie or pastry triangles, add spices or herbs, onions, garlic, salt, lots of pepper if I’m not using curry powder. We ate it with a cucumber, tomato and goats cheese salad, using up the last of the goats cheese, the oil it comes in and a cucumber that had nearly been in the crisper for too long. Good food that would have otherwise gone to the compost or bin if left until this week.

I’m glad that you are here.

Hope there are lots of lovely moments in your week, take precious care.

Jude x


The Easter break.

April 10, 2023

  1. Jeanette says:

    A lovely Easter Jude. Happy days 👍



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