I was in our Quince Orchard late yesterday afternoon, checking on the quinces. They are still weeks off from being ripe.

We grow several varieties, I’ve written about them for you HERE.

The biggest mistake I see at the moment is people picking quinces too soon and selling them. The unripe fruit sits on the shop shelves, it’s not appealing and customers don’t buy it. The shop owners think that the quince fruit itself is unpopular, which isn’t true.

The problem is that the quince isn’t being sold at the correct time and quince fruit is one of those forgotten fruits, people aren’t as familiar with them like they are with apples, pears and oranges for example.

Quince fruit when ripe smells divine, seriously, the aroma would certainly catch a customer walking by and enticing them to buy it.

I’ve written a Quince ebook, it is free, you can download it HERE or read it on Trove, the National Libraries of Australia website.

The Quince ebook isn’t just about growing quinces, it is about planting an orchard on a scrappy piece of land on the side of a hill, where my husband had trouble breaking the ground with a crowbar. I love this orchard like I have not experienced before when creating a garden. You can read the  free ebook HERE.

I could charge a reasonable amount for this ebook, and it has been suggested that I do because of the quality of the photography and standard of the writing, but I have chosen to make it free. Maybe one day I will charge for future ebooks that I create, but for now I wanted to create a series of ebooks that can help people move forward in being more sustainable, learning skills and growing food for themselves and their loved ones through sharing my experiences.

I’m looking forward to making quince jam again and roasting quinces as the Autumn weather sets in. Both recipes are in the ebook.

Sending Light and Love,

Jude x

You can download the ebook HERE.

When are Quinces ripe?

March 6, 2023

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