An ad for toe fungus cream in-between a recipe doesn’t exactly float my boat and ad’s flashing up in the side bar or on different parts of the screen simultaneously while I’m trying to read something, does my head in.  Too busy, too loud. I usually cut short my visit to the website. My choice and the website owners choice to have advertising on their website. It is what it is, no complaints here.

I appreciate that other people get paid for displaying 3rd party advertising on their websites, no judgement, I thought about it, who doesn’t love some form of income stream, but for me it didn’t sit well. A website heavy loaded with someone elses advertising isn’t the experience I want my readers to have when they visit my little online corner.

I also wonder if the website owner has any say about what is actually advertised because the ad’s can seem conflicting with the message and content the website owner is working hard to convey. eg. a clean, green eco website and ad’s for garden pesticides and fly spray appear in the side bar.


I don’t want some ad deal where the company takes you for granted by using shock tactic, grabby advertising flashing on the screen. Advertising random products that have no relevance here or  the advertising subjects could possibly be triggering ( I don’t mean the toe fungus ad, but some ad’s are graphic and cover sensitive subjects).


Another reason I didn’t want to work with an advertising company is I can’t be guaranteed that they would respect the time that you spend here. Your time is precious and you choose to be here, my hope is that each time you leave Fairy Wren Cottage you think of it as a lovely  peaceful experience. Heartfelt.

So dear one, it is safe to say that at Fairy Wren Cottage you won’t be grossed out by toe fungus pictures any time soon.

But I will continue to share the simple, everyday moments here at Fairy Wren Cottage.

Take precious care,

Jude x



Advertising from 3rd parties on my website.

February 28, 2023

  1. I feel much the same way on my blog. I understand entirely why people advertise, and frankly I would be more open to it if I could control it to fall within my ethical/environmental ethos. After all, we all consume and need to replace things from time to time. Some of those things are best bought new. But it doesn’t seem we can, so like you I keep my blog advertising free in the desire for people to visit and not be bombarded with unnecessary advertising and the push to consume. xx



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