It is very humbling that you find my photos inspiring and would like to use them as your art inspiration.

I love this kind of collaboration and value you asking me for permission first.

You see for me the friendships that form and connections made are part of the gold dust that make collaborations so magical.

It is worth noting that no one has permission to use any of my photos for artwork and then license them using my animals names. eg. a picture of Honeybee the duck on a cushion and calling it the Honeybee cushion.

My hope is for my art collaborations to be fun, respectful and joyful.

Tracy Waite is an artist and we did a wonderful art collaboration a couple of years ago.

Tracy’s website is and her Instagram is @tracywaitecreative

Tracy generously wrote about our art collaboration and contributed to my ebook Nest.

I have shared the introduction to the Nest ebook and the two pages from Tracy’s contribution below.

If you would to read more, Nest is easy to download by clicking on the link HERE.

Or your can download a copy at Trove ( the National Libraries of Australia website.

Until next time, take precious care.

Jude x

Art Collaborations

September 29, 2022



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