Polly, Daisy, Loveheart, Ta Dah and Amelia Cordelia the Indian Runner ducks were shifted into the Kitchen Garden while the Quince Orchard was being pruned. It’s not a big job to shift them. I go to the gate, call Duck Duck Duck, they walk over to me, I open the gate and in they waltz. Bold as brass and ready to explore everything. And so it begins, the big duck pest clean up before the growing season gets into full swing.

Our ducks are very territorial and don’t adopt easily to change, so suspicious! Calm and steady is the way to go.

The ducks live in the Quince Orchard but by moving the ducks around from time to time and letting them go into the Kitchen Garden and Back Orchard they remember old familiar routines and places. I don’t rush the ducks or use force. I speak lovingly to them (like I always do) and move calmly. There are also no surprises through the gate either, the hens aren’t in the garden and Bluebell the Spoodle isn’t waiting for them.   After about ten minutes I can see that the ducks have scanned the garden, got the lay of the land, settled in and have started foraging. That is when I let Bluebell into the garden. The ducks and dog are used to each other, Bluebell doesn’t chase them, and there are no signs of aggression. She is a sweet pup.

I really couldn’t garden without the help of the ducks and even though Bluebell has priors for stealing the labels from plant pots, she is a very good garden companion!

Happy Gardening to you,

Jude x

Ducks in the garden.

September 1, 2022



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