Just to let you know that the closing date for sending your Food Gardening Ideas in is Monday the 20th June 2022 at 5pm.

So many great ideas already from people all over the world. I really encourage you to send in your ideas, the simpler the idea the better.

Make sure the idea is Food Gardening related and remember to add how you want to be listed. Here is an example.

Name. General Location. Social media accounts (if you would like them to be included).

Your listing can be Anonymous if you would like, what every you feel comfortable with.

We are up to 60 ideas already and at the back of the ebook I have included a Question and Answer section with the most commonly asked questions.

I was going to publish the ebook this weekend but people have been sending their food gardening ideas in today, this is a community ebook and I would like as many people included in it as possible and it isn’t my intention to leave anyone out.

Therefore I will stop receiving your gardening ideas on Monday at 5pm and publish the ebook next weekend.

Have a great weekend,

Jude x



Update for the Community Ebook.

June 17, 2022



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