Through the Cornflower duck yard gate, walk between the Nashi tree and the Mulberry tree that are taking up more path way than expected. Try not to get the Albertine Rose thorns caught on your clothing or fall in the duck bath as you squeeze past both. Hold on to the Josephine Pear tree as you edge past the corner of the wood shed and keep your balance as you lean forward while still standing upright on the embankment and there you are. Right in front of this gorgeous rose that surprised us all with these first time blooms. Lil and I have no recollection of what it is called or when we planted it. This garden is a bit of a sick bay or hospital for plants and trees that aren’t doing well elsewhere. They get shifted here as a last hope. Sometimes they surprise us like this rose did yesterday!

There is no mention of husband telling wife she is being ridiculous and could slip and hurt herself or re injure her hand. All such conversations are acknowledged by the wife and quickly forgotten at sight of such beautiful flowers. Although wife appreciates the sentiment, care and offer of help from loving husband.

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x

A surprise rose!

February 2, 2022



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