Have you seen the Dishcloth tutorial I shared previously? 

It is an easy how-to with a very basic pattern good for:


More experienced crafters who want a quick easy project and get several dishcloths made without having to follow a pattern.

During these times I’m looking for an easy project that doesn’t take much brain power, but at the same time craving that feeling of stitches gliding off the hook, one at a time, giving me that sense of moving forward and creating something that contributes to our cosy cottage. These dishcloths are marvellous for that.

Being such an easy pattern, this dishcloth pattern can be used to make other practical household items.

Face Washers.

Also known as a flannel.

Following this simple pattern you could make some cloths in different colours/and or sizes, one colour for the kitchen and one colour to match your towels in the bathroom. When Lil reached her teenage years, I made her six soft pink cotton cloths to use after she had applied a face mask or was washing her face. They are gentle on the skin and easier to wash/dry than a large towel.

I’ll leave a link to the tutorial at the bottom of this post.


A handmade cotton face washer and a nice bar of soap make a sweet and practical gift.

When my nephews shifted into their first share house rentals I made them a stack of dishcloths each for house warming presents, they were cheap to post. I did have a little smile to myself when I went to visit and saw my dishcloths being well used,  drying over the kitchen tap. A very happy aunty moment.

Remember the little people in your life.

When Liliana was little I made some smaller dish cloths for when she “helped” or I would set her up at the kitchen sink with a towel on the floor, some warm soapy water in the sink, a small soft handmade dishcloth, a tea towel and her indoor tea set. It’s a good way to pass a rainy afternoon. It is also a very calming therapeutic activity on a windy day when children can often feel fractious. Lil also used the cloths when she bathed her dolls, a good outdoor activity in the shade on a hot summer day.

Dishcloth environmental activism, my way of doing something for the planet.

Some people do guerrilla gardening, planting trees on common land during the dead of night. I sometimes crochet dishcloths! When I am able to, I make and give away cotton dish clothes to anyone I know. It’s my way of doing something for the environment and stopping more landfill.  Even the tradesman who worked at our home  years ago got dish cloths, at first sceptical of me and the handmade dishcloths, he has been known to stop me in the supermarket to say that the dishcloths I made are still in use.

Giving a cloth a  2nd life.

Once a cloth has seen better days we give it a different purpose. eg. for use in the laundry or it goes into the rag bag.

It’s the little things made with love that make a handmade home, let me know if you make them.

Take precious care,

Jude x

The link to my dishcloth tutorial is here



Handmade Dishcloths & Other Uses

February 1, 2022

  1. Mary @artbyhepolytta says:

    Always lovely to read your gentle blog dear Jude. Hope things are going better and Lil is healing. Much love



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