The beauty in the everyday.

I have started a new series on my instagram @fairywrencottage.

One of the main focuses of my social media accounts has always been to document and look for the beauty in our days but I just feel more than ever the need to take several photos and post them in a carousel, up the ante! Maybe you would like to do the same?

Capturing simple moments  in our day, reminding me to look for the beauty during these times. It’s one way of helping me preserve my health and wellbeing. So is checking in and being informed about the news but not having the news on all the time. You see with the media saturation and panic about various world events, I need to make sure that I keep things in perspective, block out the hysteria that can be the modern day media circus. Stick to my daily routines, the anchors in my life, balance.

I wrote more about this in my free ebook Nest. You can download it here

It truely is the simple moments in life that make it.

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x


Quiet Moments. Part I.

March 9, 2020



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