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Oh dahlias! Where would our gardens be without them?!

So grateful for their comeback and renewed popularity in the garden, it means there are more varieties now available to choose from.

As the Autumn days unfold I look to the dahlias for their tell tale signs of slowing down. The grand display of flowers that greeted me day after day has dwindled in supply, dead heading to promote new growth, a show of new petals can now be likened to a trickle not a down pour.

In the garden I  gravitate towards the soft pinks, sage greens, the leaves on the trees turning the palest yellow and wait for the late afternoon sunshine, the golden light that washes everything in the warmest of hues. That time of day when I make sure to pause and take it all in, these are the moments in my days I am so mindful of remembering, the rush and sometimes ridiculousness of all else happening in the world blurs into the background as I catch the light.

The fire cracker colours of bright summer days are becoming memories as I look toward the months to come. Those bright dahlia’s will soon be replaced with staring into the flames of the wood fire during the evening. Walking around the garden I take stock and estimate how much longer the dahlias will be in flower, hoping they hold out just that little bit longer.

Each year I wonder what my little family will be doing in the Springtime as we plant new dahlias and tend to last seasons tubers still in the ground.  Eagerly awaiting those fresh new shoots.

The joys of gardening.

Favourite flowers, that mark the seasons and bring so much beauty to the world.

Sending Light & Love, Jude x

Garden Postcards: Dahlias.

March 6, 2020



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