Do you know how to “bandicoot” potatoes?

Bandicooting potatoes is when you gently dig around the base of a still growing potato plant with your hand & harvest 1 or 2 potatoes.

You do as little as possible to disturb the plant allowing it to still grow.

After finding a potato or two have the hose close by to water the plant as your put the soil and mulch back in place.

I always thank the plant for feeding me & letting me take some potatoes before the plant is ready for harvest.

So how do you know when the potato plants are ready to bandicoot.

They will still be a couple of weeks off harvesting but look for potato plants that have thick stems like the one on the left.

The thin stem on the right isn’t ready to bandicoot, the plant hasn’t developed enough therefor the potatoes haven’t either .

Also look for early flowers starting to appear on those thick stems.

Enjoy your early spuds.

How exciting!

The first of the season.

Is it a big deal harvesting the first potatoes at your house?

We always wash then boil them, rinse them once soft and serve them with a sprinkle of salt.

We also count 1,2,3 then all taste the potatoes at the same time. Savouring that first mouthful that melts in your mouth!

Happy potato growing & eating,

Sending Light & Love,

Jude x


Bandicooting Potatoes

January 9, 2020



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