Everything I go to post about can seem quite trivial compared to what is going on in the wider world, the continuing devastation of the bushfires here in Australia as we wake up to hear of more destruction and loss, and closer to home the health and wellbeing of family & friends.
I’ve had a long think and many conversations with Michael & Miss Lil about this.

So here is what I will continue to do:
•Use my insta page and this blog as a photo journal of sorts, to remind me to look for the beauty in our days, the simple joys, the quiet moments.
•And to share on this page and on my instagram page @fairywrencottage how we are living a more sustainable life, easy things that you could adapt in your own home and lifestyle that helps combat climate change.


Homemade Scottish Baps, lavender & herbs from the garden and focaccia dough rising in the covered bowl.

Our new store cupboard. The more we can grow, preserve & store= less food miles and more homegrown organic produce.

It’s not dismissing everything else, it just helps me move forward in a more positive way instead of feeling lost, overwhelmed and in despair.

Helping me move forward in a way where I can be of service, for my family, friends and the wider community.
We are a community and we need to look out for each other and stay connected, we are all hurting and wondering what we can do to help.

Vegan homemade Orange Cake.

Three things:

1. Connect. Reach out to people you follow who are effected by the bushfires & drought and everything else going on. Just a simple few words like, thinking of you, can boost someone’s spirits so much.
2. There is donating financially if you can. You know the drill, look for a charity that feels right for you.
3. Make the choice to live more sustainably.
Each tiny step you make adds up and has a ripple effect that is greater than you will ever realise.


Knowledge is power and when we know better we do better.

My free ebooks are there for you to download to help with preserving, growing quinces and looking for the beauty in our days during the colder months.

Sending Light & Love, Jude x

Going Forward…

January 7, 2020



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