To celebrate all things Honeybee there are some photos of this sweet darling  you are welcome to use as screen shots or wallpaper over  on my instagram story highlights.

For personal use only please.

I’ll keep the photo’s permanently in an Instagram Story Highlight called Wallpaper for you and add to it from time to time.

Two weeks ago Lil & I spent most of the day checking & helping Honeybee hatch out of her egg. She didn’t have an easy time hatching, she was positioned inside her egg with her foot over her beak. Preventing her to pip out of the shell. Ducklings break out of their shell using tiny little movements with their beaks, that is what pipping is. On the end of their beaks they have a little sharp point called an egg tooth that helps them do this. as the duckling matures the egg tooth disappears. Nature is very clever!

Rosanna is Honeybee’s mum, she has started laying eggs again. That egg in the photo is the same size as the one Honeybee hatched out of.

She has grown hasn’t she?!

It is heartwarming to know that this sweet duckling with so much character is bringing so much joy to the world.

Everyday I am receiving such lovely messages of gratitude thanking me for posting photos of Honeybee, people who are struggling at the moment, young children from across the other side of the world watching  little videos  of her puddling about, replaying them again and again. Nothing is staged. Even these photos I had put the egg safely in the raised garden bed, put Honeybee in the raised garden bed to fossick around in while Lil & I sat for a minute on the bench in front of the garden bed, I thought she might like the self seeded fennel seedlings popping up everywhere, something new for her to explore.

It is wishful thinking that Honeybee is a girl, it would be much easier for her to live in the Quince Orchard with Polly the drake, Amelia Cordelia, Daisy,  Ta-dah & Loveheart. Keeping two drakes together isn’t ideal. We’ll wait and see and work out a Plan B if the time comes.

Sending Light & Love & a hug from Honeybee,

Jude x



Honeybee the duckling.

October 3, 2019



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