The Quince Jam Drop Bikkie recipe to celebrate all things Quince and sharing my new free ebook.

Quince Jam Drop Bikkies

Makes 15.


180g butter

3/4 cup rapadura sugar

2 cups wholemeal spelt flour

1/2 teaspoon Aluminium free Baking Powder

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

1 chia egg . In a small cup mix 1 tablespoon organic chia seeds with 3 tablespoons of water.

Each Jam Drop needs 1/4  to  1/2 teaspoon of Quince Jam.


Mix the chia egg and set aside, it is the last ingredient to go into the food processor. By leaving it sit for as long as possible it gives it a chance to turn gelatinous and work its magic of being a great substitute for egg.

Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Into the food processor add all ingredients then the chia egg.

Process until the mixture forms into a large ball. You should be able to pinch the mix in-between your thumb and index finger and it not crumble but stick together.

Roll out walnut size balls, place on the baking tray.

With the smooth edge of a utensil make a small round imprint in each biscuit.  I use a small wooden knife with a rounded handle.

Fill each  imprint with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Quince Jam.

Bake at 180 degrees celsius until golden and smelling delicious.  Let cool a little before tucking in, the jam will be hot.


*If you don’t have a food processor you could use a hand held beater or alternatively if you are using a mixing bowl and knife like I did when Michael and I were first together simply:

Cream the butter and sugar until smooth, add the spelt flour, sprinkle in the baking powder, then add the vanilla extract & chia egg. Work quickly to combine ingredients.  You may need to use your hands to combine the mix and knead it a little but try not to be heavy handed!

Roll into walnut size balls and fill with jam as per the above instructions.


How to make the Quince Jam is in my new free ebook. You can get it by subscribing to my blog & can unsubscribe at anytime.

Enjoy, Jude x




Quince Jam Drop Bikkies

May 17, 2019



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