Because of my hand injury I am unable to do most things in one sitting, apply that to everything, cooking, gardening, getting dressed, you name it, so I break a task up into small doable steps for me.  Of course somedays are better than others.

Like everything I do in my life since the accident doing a little bit and often, slow and steady wins.  I’m sharing this with you because it may just inspire you to do something in small steps instead of thinking you need a large chunk of time that isn’t possible for you at the moment. eg. making a dress, crocheting something, creating a garden, baking, learning a new skill.

So here is an example of that for me, I love cooking and baking for my family, but with my hand injury it can be very difficult to even hold a wooden spoon let alone stir something with it, I want to be independent as possible, I want to be able to do as many household duties including cooking as possible. I started researching recipes that can be made in a blender instead of me having to stir something. Holding, carrying and measuring can be too difficult to do in one go, I stretch the task out. I might ask Lil to line a tray with baking paper for me after breakfast, I’ll have the recipe close by and during the course of the morning add the dry ingredients to the blender, after lunch I’ll add the wet ingredients and finish off the recipe. This is how I make so many things including the berry scones in the photo above.

A great teacher once told me:

A big problem isn’t usually a big problem, it is a number of little problems that contribute to making it big, so break it down, identify the little problems, go about solving what you can, the big problem will no longer be big but manageable.

Jude x

Break it down….

November 27, 2018



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