Keep your benchtops dry, which is, an essential part of practicing good kitchen hygiene regardless of what type of benchtops you have. Don’t leave dishes to drip dry straight on to your benchtops.

You can puchase draining boards that fit into sinks for hand washing. The most effective way we have found is purchasing a small chopping board and putting the dish drying rack on top of it, like in the photos above centre. Dry the dishes and wipe dry the area. Use your chopping board for other jobs when not in use, like making herbal salts (photo above right).

You could also double over a clean tea towel or two (depending on how much handwashing you are doing)
and place your wet dishes on the tea towels while you are drying the dishes.

After you finish cooking and cleaning up, wipe down your benches with a soft dish cloth that has been in clean hot soapy water, make sure the benchtops and around the sink area are dry and ready for use next time you are in the kitchen.
Quick to do and easy done.

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Bespoke Carpentry: Tips for Timber Benchtops.

June 24, 2024



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