Freycinet Rugosa Rose.

A beautiful Tasmanian bred rose by dedicated plantswoman Lilia Weatherley.
An absolute must for the garden, disease resistant, stunning big blooms. Wonderful in a hedge.

I was lucky enough to track down three several years ago, just after they were first released in 2010.

All happily thriving in hedges here around the perimeter of our rambling old fashioned garden.

We don’t water or feed them. They rely on annual rainfall, ducks or hens to fertilise them as they walk past, and the ground they were initially planted in could barely be described as fertile, more like grey, powdery dust.

Over the years there has been a lot of hay mulch applied in thick 15-20cm hay biscuits around each plant, tree or bush growing in the hedges. If they can thrive here with the gusty winds, they will thrive anywhere.

For me, it feels very important to support plantswomen by ordering/buying their offerings at the garden centre and online. Breeding takes years of trials, so much hard, continuous work that isn’t paid, it is a true labour of love. A passion. I’m totally here for supporting that. What about you?

Happy Gardening,

Jude x

Freycinet Rugosa Rose.

October 25, 2023



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