Garden Journal Entry.

The gentlest signs in the garden are telling us that the earth is slowly waking up from her Winter slumber.

Buds and the first blooms on the Ornamental Quince. The Ornamental Apricot begining to flower. New growth appearing on the roses, that may still need pruning, best get on to that quick sticks.

Yesterday Michael picked me a few sprigs of Daphne for my desk this week. Today I added some creamy stocks. Nothing big and blousy, no great armfuls. Just the gentlest little flowers with the scent that reminds me of people, of places, of times in my life. Joyful times.

In the garden this morning.

The garden smells of Violets. I love this time of year when these tiny violet coloured flowers are peering out behind their gorgeous green leaves. Dotted about the garden they have spread and I may have encouraged them. I’d rather Violets than weeds, we often find frogs tucked in under their leaves on a hot summers day when we are watering.

It has been so windy here. Honeybee hates it, the hens hate the wind too. Slow to come out of the henhouse they stick close by me and tottle back in to a fresh bowl of grain as soon as the wind picks up again. I don’t blame them. Honeybee splashes about in her bath, sits quietly and observes. The wind rocking her in the water, she soon gets out, potters about in her garden, spends more time than usual under my garden bench then stands next to me. She is ready to be escorted inside, we walk up to the door way, she takes the lead, snaffles some grain on the way past and makes her way to her inside bath.

Until next time, sending light and love.

Jude x

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Journal: The garden smells of Violets. 17. 7. 2023

July 27, 2023



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