How are you?

It has been a big couple of weeks for me with the Interview Series.

Last week plans changed quickly on Tuesday when I was messaging Kate Quinn Art on Instagram, she would love to do the Interview and could do it straight away. I got to work straight away, sent the Interview questions out to her Tuesday afternoon, she returned it completed Thursday, and I published it Friday with Liliana’s help. It sounds like a quick process doesn’t it?! But with each interview a lot of time goes into it. If you haven’t seen the wonderful interview yet it is HERE.

The week before Janae from Fleurs de Lyonville shared her story of how Janae Paquin Bowden Pottery came to be. You can read Janae’s wonderful interview HERE.

The Interview Series feels very exciting, there is lots of positive feedback and support for it.

I got to send out lovely shop orders and a custom request from the Fairy Wren Cottage Etsy shop this week. My self confidence is growing with it and I’m getting used to the tech that goes behind listings, Liliana has been very patient teaching me.

Every chance is being spent on sorting out my photos into a more efficient album system and it has been a great opportunity to edit photos that have potential to create into Fine Art Prints.

The guinea pigs, Snowball and Sooty, two older gentleman, have now taken up winter residence in the hothouse. They are down one end and out of the way so we don’t trip over the hutch when picking greens and salad leaves. The bachelors are appreciating the extra warmth and are out of the cold winds, they get daily greens, grass, and a changing variety of fallen apples, carrots and fresh herbs.

The hens are enjoying the extra room in the henhouse and on cold, windy days we often find them inside, tucked up sitting looking out the windows. They have the best views!

Outside time for the hens is supervised at the moment. We always get birds of prey lerking around this time of year, waiting for an opportune moment to put our hens on their menu.

Pottering about the garden with them and then loosing sight of them last week I came across the three Buff Pekin sisters waiting for Plum who was head down searching for something in the garden bed. You may have seen it as part of my  A moment in the day project I am doing throughout the month of May. It has been a really sweet project, I hope you have enjoyed it too and it has prompted you to be looking even more for those precious little moments in the day, even if you aren’t taking photos of them.

I did take photos for my May project even though I didn’t post them these last couple of days but I will quickly catch up.

Hoping you are doing ok.

Much Love,

Jude x


Fairy Wren Cottage Shopkeeper -she/her
The Fairy Wren Cottage shop is now OPEN

It’s lovely that you are here.

Catching up.

May 29, 2023



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