Each day when I walk up to the Back Orchard, there is Isabella, Esmeralda and Ferdinand waiting for me.

They especially like it when I have the garden hose and put the sprinkler on them.

My goal is to post a photo each day in May. A moment captured during the day, calming, peaceful, uplifting. Something positive as we move into the colder months in the Southern Hemisphere and our Northern Hemisphere friends as Springtime unfolds.

Hope your week is full of gorgeous moments,

Jude x

Fairy Wren Cottage Shopkeeper -she/her

The Fairy Wren Cottage shop is now open.

Affordable fine art prints all taken here in the garden by me.

Printed on beautiful archival quality papers, there are new iphone wallpapers and postcards printed on Italian cotton.


It’s lovely that you are here.


27 May 2023. A moment in the day.

May 29, 2023



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