This week was interesting!

On Tuesday at 5pm we got a phone call from our wonderful plumber that he could arrive at 6pm and turn the water off to repair a leaking pipe that Michael had discovered that afternoon.  Our water supply would be turned off from 6:15pm until 6:15am to allow the pipe to seal properly.

It was action stations but we already had a plan in place if something like this happened and we each knew what to do to be super organised.

What about you? Do you have a plan if you had one hour until the water was turned off for twelve hours?

This is what we did in the one hour before the plumber arrived.

In the Kitchen:

Got the drinking water out of the storecupboard that we have for just incase. Bought from the supermarket in casks.

Filled up the kettle, water jugs and water bottles, the two jam making pots, the stock making pot.

Hand washed anything in the sink.

Ran the dishwasher on a half our cycle, emptied it straight after it was finished.

Finished last minute prep for our evening meal so it was ready to cook after the plumber had been.

Filled one side of the kitchen sink with hot soapy water just before the plumber arrived. We used this to wipe the benches after dinner and the kitchen table.


Put the tea towels in the washing machine on a half our cycle (they were due to be done anyway).

Washed the dogs paws in the laundry trough when they came in from their late afternoon play in the garden.

Cleaned the laundry trough afterwards and filled it with cold water in case we needed it,


We all had showers.

Cleaned the bath and filled it with cold water.

Put a jug next to the basin and decanted water from the bath for washing our hands in the basin.


Filled buckets of water outside the back door to use to bucket flush the toilet.


The duck baths, Honeybee’s night time bath and the henhouse water was refreshed, this is done each day late in the afternoon anyway.

The dogs outside water dishes were refreshed.

The bird baths were topped up.


So grateful for the plumber doing an emergency visit at such short notice.

We had a lovely dinner after he left.

Dishes were stacked into the empty dishwasher and washed when the water supply was turned back on in the morning.

Cups of tea after dinner and homemade biscuits.

The plumber tapped  on the kitchen window at 6:10am the next morning and got a suprise to see Michael already up and making breakfast muffins. The water went on and it was all pretty uneventful and stress free because of our planning.

*We have a big water tank that we keep 3/4 full in case of the water being turned off for more than twelve hours.

Take precious care,

Jude x

One hour notice for no water.

May 5, 2023



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