Thank you for your love, support, encouragement, friendship, everything, all of the above and more.

Seriously, it’s helped get me to here!

Why a Fine Art Print shop?

It starts with sharing the beautiful everyday moments. The magical snippets that make our days. Gentle. Peaceful. Wonderful.
I hope these fine art prints bring you that joyfulness each time you see them.

As a little girl I would ride my bike around the small country town I lived in and admire the trees and flowers growing in the front gardens. I would memorise what grew where, taking little photographs in my mind. The big shade trees loosing their leaves as the seasons changed, who had rose bushes, hydrangeas and pansies. Looking forward to the flowers blooming, my heart felt full to bursting when they did. Not much has changed, except now I really do take photos.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of playing “shops” and wanting to be a shopkeeper, and here we are now, I’m spending my days tending to the Fairy Wren Cottage shop, my own country garden and taking photographs that become Fine Art Prints.

It feels like I have come home to myself. Everything that has happened has got me to here.

Much Love, Jude x

My shop is now open!

May 3, 2023



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