Well, that was a wonderful weekend full of so much enthusiasm for Caitlin Brennan’s interview – part of the Fairy Wren Cottage Interview Series. You can read it HERE if you missed it.

I created this Interview Series for several reasons, the power of supporting each other and listening to each other’s  stories is at the top of the list.

Some positive feedback for the interview:

“This is just magical and supporting those who dare to do something out of their comfort and follow a dream should be applauded and wholeheartedly celebrated” ~ PN.

“Community is truly about creating space for others to be successful and whole and thriving.” ~Deborah.

And the loveliest Instagram post @caitybrennanwrites from Caitlin herself, which had me in tears. Here is part of it:

“Finally, I’d like to give a MASSIVE shout out to kind, thoughful, creative Jude @fairywrencottage who is passionate about supporting women and those starting out on new adventures… It’s people like Jude who make such a huge difference to people like me – very small scaled creatives/small businesses. Jude does all her blog interviews out of the goodness of her heart (there are no incentives involved etc) and I just feel that this type of selfless generosity is so rare, it’s genuinely warmed my heart.

Thank you,  Jude.”

If you have ever wanted to create a project (like this Interview Series) and are not even sure where to begin with supporting someone’s creative journey, or maybe you celebrate International Women’s Day but feel like every other day you would like to be living a life that is more in line with your own values and being more supportive of others; live generously, spread the kindness.

Here are some easy ways:

Press the ❤️ on Instagram everytime you see a post from someone you follow or find inspiring. Stop scrolling through.

Everytime a women you admire and respect shows up on social media, standing in front of the camera, taking a photo with their work, doing a tutorial while talking in front of the camera, sharing their knowledge, creating ebooks, a website, sharing their creativity, writing a book – this stuff takes guts and it doesn’t come easily to most of us. Pressing the like button, adding a simple comment or even an emoji or two, following their social media account/s, what ever feels comfortable for you to do. Every little bit counts.

Speaking personally, at times I’ve been ready to walk away from social media (because lets face it, it does have its good, bad and fair days), well, your messages, comments and even ❤️ have cheered me on. You count, your feedback counts and you make a bigger difference to peoples lives than you will ever realise.

There are now five inspiring women featured in the Interview Series with more to come. I hope you read them all and if their stories resonate with you, do follow their journey and leave those gentle acts of kindness and support to let them know that you are cheering them on.

Take precious care,

Jude x

Click HERE for Caitlin’s interview.

Interview Series – feedback.

March 26, 2023



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