What trees I would like to plant to fill in any gaps.

It was a needs must situation where we took out an apple tree a couple of weeks ago and I would like to replace it with a Jan/Feb fruiting apple tree.

The Interview Series I created last year.

I reached out to a lovely first time author Caitlin Brennan and excited to share her story over the weekend. Her instagram account is @caitybrennanwrites and her new book is called The Perfect Breed.

My new online shop.

A lot of this week was spent working behind the scenes on it and doing an update to keep you posted. I also changed my Instagram profile to

Fairy Wren Cottage Shopkeeper – Jude she/her

and let me tell you, my reaction to seeing that written down felt like some sort of coming home. Like more pieces of my life settling into place. I’ve always wanted to be a shopkeeper, ever since I played ‘shops’ with my sister in the back rooms of the Milkbar my parents owned up until I was 6 years old. The general store in the Sullivans, Mr Boynton’s village shop in Born and Bred, so many other lovely shops in tv shows and movies, taking everything in and rewinding just to look at the details, what was on the shelves. Family stories and reading newspaper articles about my Great Grandparents fruit shops in Melbourne, wondering what it would have been like for my Nan and Great Aunt to work in them, what was shop life like? I didn’t realise this was such a big dream for me, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I was younger it was always, a farmer, a country train driver, a writer, a historian, but deep down shop keeper was on the list too. And so it is becoming a reality of sorts, online but still a shop and still a shopkeeper.

Back to garden planning for autumn. 

I’m going to have a look in the shed to make sure I don’t have any bulbs saved that should be going in the ground. You know those boxes you store with bulbs or dahlia tubers and tuck them in under hessian bags  and you think you will remember? Michael reminded me the other day that there a dahlia tubers still in the shed. I’d better double check the shelves!

Hope your weekend is filled with lovely moments. Lil and I are going to be making some Zucchini Pickles, I’ve been making it for years and it is brilliant. The recipe is in the back of my free ebook, you can download it HERE.

Take precious care, Jude x

The shop update is HERE

This week I’ve been thinking about.

March 24, 2023



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