I have a daily goal for the garden.

Do at least one thing each day.

It might be big or small but what ever it is, doing that one thing helps me feel like I am moving forward. After all, a big project is made up of smaller projects.

Here are eleven examples.

Looking up how to harvest something, sometimes I need a reminder for specific fruit when harvesting only happens once a year.

Sowing a punnet of seeds.


Shifting a plant.

Sitting and working out a plan.

Ordering seeds, plants or garden supplies online.

Reading a gardening book for inspiration.

Refilling the bird baths.

Planning to do a chore with Michael after work. This morning we lifted two potato plants to check the growth, the size of the potatoes and see if they are ready for harvesting.

Taking cuttings to strike in water.

Checking on something newly planted as I walk around the garden.

Slotting gardening tasks into my day makes things more doable and less overwhelming. It’s also wonderful for my mental health, the sense of working on lovely gardening projects, the excitement and anticipation of seeing plans come to life step by step.

Happy gardening. Take precious care.

Jude x

Gardening. One new thing each day.

February 24, 2023



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