The paddocks have been cut and bailed, the summer heat taking its toll, the hills are looking dry. The countryside is getting that late Summer parched look. In the garden the transition from Summer to Autumn is becoming more apparent.

We started cutting back the spearmint, applemint, fennel, lemon balm and bog sage outside Lil’s garden studio yesterday. The lilac tree also got a tidy up, dead heading anything we missed after it flowered and cut off any young internal branches before they hit their stride. My hope is it will all have a smaller second flush before the first frost which is still weeks away.

Late to give the roses their  January feed, my theory is better late than never. Life happens, priorities move up and down the list, somethings get accidentally forgotten.

We’ve got a hot day tomorrow and I’m planning to wash and line dry some of the Winter quilts. Good for them to have a freshen up and get that job out of the way.

Here in Tasmania it is about this time of year that we look around to make sure any outside painting gets done before the colder months set in. There are some bigger painting jobs this year so up they go to the top of  the job list.

We have been planting out Winter crops, those pesky snails and slugs have been loving those crops too! Michael went around each little plant with a row of shell grit. The snails and slugs can’t crawl over it. Nothing fancy, it is the same cheap shell grit we buy in bags at the pet store for our chickens. Happy to report that the shell grit barrier around each plant is working!

Until next time, take precious care.

Jude x


Late Summer – 5 things.

February 15, 2023



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