It is lovely that you are here.

I sat in the garden this afternoon. Quietly. Watching. Listening. It is one of my favourite things to do.

Bluebell raced around tossing a fallen apple into the air and catching it. Then she sat in front of me ever so focused, like a sailor on a ship looking out to see.

When Michael was pushing an overloaded wheelbarrow out the gate the hens decided to join him, just to add some confusion to the moment. With no particular destination in mind, they stood on the driveaway for a couple of seconds then hopped back in the gate. Of course Snowbell was the ringleader, that tiny little Silkie hen is a funny one, to look at her she is all innocence and sweetness but don’t be fooled.

It makes me smile when I see that the birds have been untying the string again, they are persistent!

We shifted some Golden Rod into the Herb Garden last Winter, it’s growing well in the full sun and no powdery mildew so far. The Cornflower Garden gets too much shade and the Golden Rod is definetly suffering from powdery mildew.

The Sweetpeas have been propped back up after being knocked about in the wind. Thankfully nothing was damaged and I’m looking forward to saving the seed.

Until next time, take precious care.

Jude x

In the Garden.

January 5, 2023



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