Early Summer in the garden.

And yet again the garden gives me the answers, whispering

Grow What Grows Well.

Our early morning walk around the garden, Honeybee, the hens, Bluebell and I. The hens potter about fossicking along the garden beds, grazing and clucking to each other. Honeybee is always so focused, it is like she is checking off a to do list. Bluebell does the rounds, scampering here and there, she’s fixated with the skinks that sun themselves on the edge of the garden bed at the moment. With one eye on their antics I take stock, what’s growing well, what needs shifting, what is struggling. Starting to focus too much on the plants struggling I look up and around me. Well, actually a lot is growing well, I just need to remember that. This happens every year, some things will thrive and have good years, some won’t. Our seasons seem about 4 to 6 weeks behind. The hothouse feels calmer with the new (salvaged) doors installed on the weekend, no more wind whipping through there. Because, if it is one thing I have learnt by gardening on the side of this hill, wind is the biggest damaging day to day factor to the garden.

Until next time,

Happy Gardening, Jude x




Grow What Grows Well.

December 6, 2022



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