Did you know that hens and ducks have friendships? In our Henhouse Plum is friends with everyone but, just like us humans, she does have best friends. Honeybee and Plum are besties!

While they are usually in different areas, there is a fence that separates them and they can see each other. This is necessary because Honeybee loves a fresh drinking bowl full of clean water and will dirty it in seconds, hens need clean drinking water all the time. I open the inbetween door if I am going to be close by to refill those water bowls should Honeybee take a fancy to them. If I’m in the Back Orchard or Kitchen Garden they can free range together and I’ll clean the water bowls afterwards.

The photos show them catching up after not seeing each other all day. Plum had spent the day inside after deciding to become broody and when Michael lifted her off the nest and took her outside, Plum greeted Honeybee like an old friend she hadn’t seen in years.

Honeybee is quite particular about who she likes close to her bath. If Rococo the Dutch Bantam rooster perched on the edge, Honeybee would nudge him, just enough for him to loose his balance and in an ever so dramatic way flounce his feathers while leaping into the air and hopping off!

I wonder what Honeybee and Plum talk about…

Love from the garden,

Jude x

Honeybee & Plum, a friendship.

November 18, 2022

  1. Joyce Falvo says:

    What a sweet and wonderful frienship!



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