I’ve made this series to highlight women who are starting out. They have created something out of
nothing, following those whispers and are moving forward with bringing their dreams to life.
I believe in the power of sharing our stories, supporting and lifting each other up.
There is enough for everyone to be successful, in what ever way feels right for them.



Daya, an eco conscious florist and flower grower who recently opened the doors to Better Times Botanical, located in Dodges Ferry, Tasmania. (Edit: 14 March 2023. Daya has now shiftd to bigger premises at 9 Gordon Street, Sorrell.)

A  florist studio that is full to the brim with fresh seasonal and local blooms, indoor plants, gifts and homewares. Daya also creates flowers for weddings, makes beautiful flower crowns and hampers.

Daya and her family live at Golden Meadow Flower Farm, Kellevie, where they grow many of their own
cut flowers and care for their large menagerie of pet farm animals. Mr Pickles, Chutney and Jam the
Pekin ducks we cared for now live with Daya!

With it being a higher rainfall area and a successful first season at Golden Meadow there are plans to expand the business with flower tours and pick your own sessions.


T H E  Q U E S T I O N S

1. Would you share a little about yourself and what lead you to starting your own floristry business and growing your own flowers?

It can be said that both statements are true: I was destined for this life and fell very much accidentally into the roll.

In my younger days I studied Fine Art in Victoria, with the intention to learn and create.

Growing produce and flowers is just another way for me to express myself, which I have done my entire adult life to some degree. Four years ago my husband, the kids and I moved to Tassie from Victoria in hopes of buying a hobby farm, which we had dreamt about for years.

Just before we finally settled at ‘Golden Meadow’ I had completed my Cert 3 in Horticulture but felt lost in terms of a career and longed for a creative outlet. Now having the space and some theoretical practice I thought, why not.

I was so inspired by this gigantic movement of women in agriculture, taking control of their own desires, abilities and being so fearlessly committed to having a crack, I thought, why not me?

It was a passion of mine, coupled with a new beginning, I had some floristry experience and the support of my wonderful husband and community; which has proven immeasurably valuable to my success thus far.

2. Favourite time of the day?

I’d have to say the first light.

Before anyone is awake and there is no rush for packing lunches or making breaky for the kids. The dogs and I take a morning walk around the property. I observe the flowers in the cutting garden and fill buckets of blooms if I can to take to the Better Times Botanical shop that day.

The smell of fresh air, the sound of the birds, frogs and my animals, it is just the best way to start the day. I can’t imagine it any other way now.

3. Life is full of distractions, what keeps you focused?

Staying focused can be a challenge for me but after having the taste of creating a career and lifestyle out of something you’re passionate about, it means too much to me to lose focus for too long. I have lazy days and pockets of time where I’m feeling unmotivated but I don’t give myself such a hard time. I do my best and that’s all we can do. Yoga and surfing always helps too!

4. What has surprised you?

Many, many things!

Some about growing flowers and some about floristry and the industry in particular.

Since starting this journey I have had a whirl wind of shock in terms of how unsustainable the industry is and just how many of our cut flowers are imported and or treated with a concoction of chemicals.

On the flip side, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of local flower farmers and just how approachable and accommodating they are. We’ve all heard of the saying ‘If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get’ and I feel this is very applicable to this industry.

If you’re buying your flowers from a source that’s not local then put pressure on the system so they know there is a demand for locally grown, sustainable flowers and there are plenty of wonderful, local business ready to supply you.

It’s pleasantly surprising to see how much people are getting around supporting local businesses and how equally passionately they are about buying local flowers and produce.

5. One piece of advice you would like to pass on to someone starting out?

Do what it is you’ve been dreaming of, thinking of.

Don’t let doubt kill your dreams before they’ve even begun. Do it on a scale that is accessible to you. That will look different for everyone but find a way to start somewhere.

Saying yes to new and scary opportunities, reaching out to others who are in that field and creating a community of likeminded people who encourage and genuinely support you will make the journey a thousand times more fun.

Photo credit: Daya

Follow Daya on her Instagram account  @bettertimesbotanical and her website www.bettertimesbotanical.com

Interview Series: Better Times Botanical.

October 28, 2022



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