Five things about Fairy Wren Cottage that you may not know.

1. When we bought the cottage there was shag-pile carpet in the kitchen and toilet.

2. There was no hot water service as such, just a large bucket like contraption on the roof that collected rain water and somehow heated up – not really sure how it functioned. But a hot water service was installed straight away.

3. For the first year our bathroom consisted of a bath with a copper pipe coming out of the wall, there was thankfully a hot and cold tap.

4. When the fake wood grain panelling came off the internal walls we discovered short hardwood timber boards lining the walls – they looked like they were from apple crates. Apparently the builder also had a contract to make apple crates and many houses in the area are built this way. Apple orchards were once a main industry in the area and the apples were transported in timber crates.

I love that our cottage is part of the history of the apple industry.

5. Our goal has always been for us to make as much as possible ourselves, including the doors, windows, beds, furniture, kitchen, cabinetry and wardrobes. We also try to use as many reclaimed materials as possible.

Our handmade home.

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Five things about Fairy Wren Cottage.

August 1, 2022



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