I’ll be sending out my Fairy Wren Cottage Postcard flowery newsletter this week. If you don’t already subscribe then you can subscribe HERE.

There are lots of updates that I won’t be sharing anywhere else.

Then I will be stepping away from social media for a bit, not permanent. I like to let you know because you lovely lot do check in when I haven’t posted as regularly as usual.

But it is time, the end of the harvests, the Autumn skies, the cool crisp air, there is still lots of things that I need to tend to as the days are slowly unfolding into Wintertime. I want to get things finished as this is my end of the year, just like Christmas and New Year is for others. I didn’t plan it this way, it is just something that I have curiously noticed about myself. The seasons are my guide. And so it is.

If you are looking for a Fairy Wren Cottage fix there are plenty of blog posts, free ebooks and my Instagram account with Posts, Reels and Story Highlights. When I return there will be some new offerings but more about that next time.

Until next time, take precious care, lots of love from everyone at Fairy Wren Cottage (and by everyone I especially mean Honeybee!)

Jude x


As Autumn unfolds.

April 28, 2022



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