“I will never apologise for embracing joy and beauty – even when the world is falling apart – because joy and beauty are my fuel for activism.”

– By Karen Walrond, The Lightmaker’s Manifesto.

Reading that quote yesterday on Brene Brown’s Instagram feed really felt like it helped shift my perspecitive. Motivating me to keep sharing the beauty in our days.  The world can feel pretty bleak at the moment, and I have been struggling to write anything or share anything but trying to push through that with the occasional photo on Instagram.

The energy always leads, and I share from a place of love and gratitude for the life we have created here at Fairy Wren Cottage. I’ll be continuing on as always, capturing gentle moments, sharing stories, writing blog articles about our country life, the garden, homesteading, the hens, ducks, guinea pigs and dogs. Paying forward what I have learnt along the way and what others have generously shared with me. It’s about love. Because love is a strength and can’t be silenced by weak, hateful actions.

I’ll send you Light and Love, continue to look forward to our time together, and as always take care of your precious heart when you are visiting.

Jude x


Karen Walrond’s Instagram page is @heychookooloonks

Brene Brown’s Instagram page is @brenebrown

With love and gratitude for their work and all that they share xxx


Embracing Joy & Beauty.

March 17, 2022



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